About Brown Boy Bad

Brown Boy Bad is a multimedia effort to help redefine the black male image in the media. It began, quite accidentally, when an automotive test drive in the Nashville area turned sour (see “history”). Now, the Brown Boy Bad project consists of:

  • A web series. Each episode shows an African-American father discussing how stereotypes and race-based assumption affect parenting decisions.
  • A podcast. In each podcast, African-American men describe their first remembered experience with racism.
  • Brown Boy Bad Bracelets. Handmade bracelets created to raise awareness about the Brown Boy Bad project.


  • Creating a logo
  • Converting to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
  • Combining the episodes of the web series into a documentary
  • Creating an annual fundraiser


  • Brown Boy Bad was created by SékouWrites, a NYC-based author and Journalist.
  • The web series was produced, filmed and edited by SékouWrites.
  • The first interviewee was Marius Rush who helped create a larger vision for Brown Boy Bad.
  • The podcast was conceived, produced and edited by Thomas Reid.
  • The original Brown Boy Bad bracelet was designed by Sékou and created by Starling Sanders. Each bracelet is now designed and physically handmade by Sekou.

Lisa Simmons, Kristal Mosley, Rochelle Hill, Aerial Ellis, Miles Marshall Lewis, Kay Hudson, Chrystal Parker, Daryl Killian, Brittney M. Walker, Fred Sullivan, Souleo, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Moikgantsi Kgama, Gregory Gates, Angela Bronner Helm

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