A BMW for Xmas?

So, you missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains, did you?  Not to worry.  BMW and DailyWish.com have a Plan B.  On Thursday, December 16, you (yes, you) can log onto DailyWish.com (the online shop for American Express) and buy a brand-spanking-new 2011 BMW 328i for half price!  Yeah, you read that right.  In addition to its very obvious curb-appeal, this four-door 328i also comes with handy features like a USB jack (to plug in your iPod or iPhone), paddle shifters (for those days when you feel like going zoom-zoom), and free maintenance– including roadside assistance– for up to four years or 50,000 miles.  Makes you feel safer already, doesn’t it?  The base model 328i sedan usually starts at $33,650 but on December 16, DailyWish will be selling two of these babies for just a little more than $17,000.  So, call your spouse and do some last minute wheelin’ and dealin’.  You’ve only got a few weeks to make sure that you’ll be pulling up to all the holiday parties in serious style.  Course, you’ll need an American Express card to purchase one of the two BMWs available from DailyWish.com, but it’s worth it.  Every day, the site offers a new treat at a remarkably low price.  Perfect for last-minute Christmas shopping, like, now.  -SékouWrites

BMW 328i

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