Brown Boy Mad

Sekou's staged reading


Brown Boy Mad is a choreopoem– a poetic, autobiographical stage play about my experiences with microaggressions. I wrote it way back in 2003 as a one-man-show but I’ve never performed it and I never dreamed that I’d one day be asking other actors to bring my true stories to life. Huge thanks to @garliacornelia and her @blackboardplays incubator– a safe place for artists to find the path forward. 


BROWN BOY MAD is a collection of poems and monologues that describe a few of the author’s experiences with racial microaggressions. The play seeks to illustrate some of the pains and a few of the pleasures of modern Black male-hood. From his experience of almost being beaten by white police officers to his series of humorous “Dear White Man” poems, the playwright offers an intimate portrait of himself and, by extension, what it means to be Black and male in today’s “post-racial” society. The play was written by SekouWrites, a New York-based author and journalist. 


  • “Was a pleasure to hear your work again even though it was utterly heartbreaking. It’s sooooo necessary. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your personal pain and truths with us. Looking forward to the full production of this piece. Hopefully, you’ll inspire some other brothas to open up too.”


  • “Beautiful, painful, poignant. You weave the stories well, so we see everything in our mind and take the journey with you. And that second piece, short but sweet … Thank you for sharing your work and your heart with us … .”