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Brand new fiction … on Kindle!

Looking for a last-minute cyber-read to help you while away the last days of summer? Look no further! My most recent book, The Sound of Silk at Midnight, [read more…]

55 WORD FICTION: The 30 Second Flu

55 Word Fiction: The 30 Second Flu “I’m fine,” she said, coughing into the phone.  “I’ll pop some pills and sleep it off.” “You need [read more…]

55 WORD FICTION: Butterfly Kisses

55 word fiction: Butterfly Kisses “Ever been butterfly kissed?”  He asked.  This seemed a promising way to end date three.  She blushed, he [read more…]

55 WORD FICTION: Sleepytime

55 Word Story: Sleepytime He’d approached her while she was lost, trying to find her way out of a mall– too good to be true.  Now, they were at [read…

FICTION: Ice Cream That Never Melts

Ice Cream That Never Melts By SekouWrites At two-forty in the afternoon, the man gets up from his desk, opens the office door he always keeps closed [read more…]


Banana She decided to wear the yellow coat—it was cute and short enough to show off her legs.  By the time she realized the guy yelling “Hey Banana” [read more…]

55 WORD FICTION: One For Tea

One For Tea “Grandma, stop letting homeless men into the house!” “Nonsense, I enjoy it.”  She hung up and returned to the kitchen to find [read more…]