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Hennessy With Wings

By SekouWrites My doorman loves Hennessy. This is important to note because when Hennessy sent over a bottle of Hennessy VS (Very Special) I forgot [read more…]

SIPS: U’Luvka Vodka Gets Royal

U’luvka Vodka has opted to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by offering up some royal cocktails at two sexy NYC [read more…]

SIPS: Ne-Yo Sees (Malibu) RED

By Carolyn Desalu R&B superstar and avid car collector Ne-Yo has an uncanny ability to lull us into love-land with smooth tunes and other [read more…]

SIPS @ Porsche Design Kitchen Showroom

Of course, you already know that Porsche makes beautiful cars, but it might surprise you to know that they make gorgeous kitchens too.  On 58th Street [read more…]

SIPS @ Valentine's Day: Vodka Chapman

Here we have another Valentine’s Day drink.  This one submitted by Betsy Ice of Brooklyn.  May we present … the Vodka Chapman.  No, that’s not it [read more…]

SIPS @ Valentine's Day: U'Luv Me

Cocktails epitomize pleasure and fun-loving company. U’Luvka loves company, hence we created this special Valentine’s recipe for you… in fact, this [read more…]