Hennessy With Wings

DSC_0436 copyBy SekouWrites

My doorman loves Hennessy.

This is important to note because when Hennessy sent over a bottle of Hennessy VS (Very Special) I forgot to ask them to put it in a plain brown bag. So, when my doorman handed me a tall, matte black bag with “Hennessy” written across it in huge letters, it was awkward. I often gift him with bottles of Hennessy but this time, I really wanted it for myself. Not only because it’s my first bottle of VS but also because of the bottle. I felt bad when I pulled the Hennessy bag from his reluctant hands but I hope he understands.

See, it’s not your usual bottle. For this year’s Very Special Limited Edition series, Hennessy partnered with a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist to create the design for the bottle. I definitely dig it. Even more than the wing-like design, I like the bragging rights. It’s silver and black motif stands out from the other bottles on my bar and catches people’s eye. This is certainly a bottle that I’m going to hold on to. The bottle design was created by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who owns the Saved Tattoo parlor in Brooklyn, NY.

“Scott Campbell has a signature style that draws on past and present, combining ancient cursive script with a modern eye and execution, which is a perfect visual metaphor for how we at Hennessy honor our own craft,” said Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President of Hennessy, about the partnership.

Campbell didn’t just dash off a quick design. He actually did research by traveling to Cognac, France, the birthplace of Hennessy, and examining the personal journal, notes and drawings of James Hennessy, “the Maison’s second-generation visionary.”

Also, Campbell wrote the quote “Love without Hesitation” on the back of the bottle because, he says, “I deeply believe that once you can love without hesitation, you become invincible.”

Hennessy V.S 750ml bottle — Priced approximately at $35

Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Deluxe set — Priced approximately at $150. The deluxe set features a numbered flask with a leather sleeve, a unique sketchbook with watermarked designs by Scott, and a keepsake booklet that provides a special inside look at the collaboration. Limited number available. 

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