Nashville Strong Wish List #2

Round two! So, this list consists of items I will donate to the homeless in Nashville via Room In The Inn, a local nonprofit.

Why? Short version: I volunteered with a small group of homeless men in March of 2020 and I was surprised to find that what I thought the homeless needed was kinda different than what they actually needed. So, I’m hoping to make a more precise impact with this list.

For example, several of the men slept in their cars but often got stranded because they ran out of gas– hence the gas container on this list. Also, 90% of the men had cell phones and were looking for a way to keep them charged– I wouldn’t have guessed that. And one of the men (just one) was looking for a way to change his life for the better, which is why I added the motivational books. If you know of other motivational books, send them. Anyway, any assistance is appreciated. List below. Not listed but needed: batteries, feminine hygiene products, toiletries, water & Gatorade.

Want to help me pay a few bills while also giving to the homeless? Bless you. Just order one of my inspirational DOING t-shirts. Have it shipped to me and I’ll deliver it along with the other wish list items. Hit me up if you need my mailing address.

Thanks so much for your help. amazonnashvillelist



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