Hennessy With Wings

By SekouWrites My doorman loves Hennessy. This is important to note because when Hennessy sent over a bottle of Hennessy VS (Very Special) I forgot [read more…]


By SekouWrites The latest Jason Bourne film just opened and I have no doubt the film will be a success. It has all the requirements. A tough-as-nails [read more…]

Breakfast with Lincoln Exterior Designer Solomon Song

    By SékouWrites Lincoln Motor Company isn’t much for being showy, which explains why my breakfast meeting begins on the 35th floor [read more…]

GALLERY: Diary of a Lincoln Black Label Experience

If you haven’t yet heard of Lincoln’s Black Label program, here’s the cheat sheet– along with my photo gallery of a recent Lincoln Black Label experience [read more…]

SekouWrites Partners with BMW of Manhattan for the 5th Annual New York Auto Show Mixer

SimplyRides.com, an award-winning automotive lifestyle website founded by author and car journalist Sekou Writes, partnered with BMW of Manhattan for the [read more…]

MOMMY ON THE MOVE, Episode 6, “Balance Seamlessly” (Jocelyn R. Taylor)

In this week’s episode of MOMMY ON THE MOVE, Jocelyn R. Taylor (advertising sales executive and founder of JRT Multimedia) takes us on an errand for [read more…]