RADIO INTERVIEW: Arguing Comics with 2 Blind Mics

Recently I made an appearance on the 2BlindMics podcast. It’s a light-hearted show created by T. Reid and Dr. Dre (formerly of Ed Lover and Dr. Dre)– two men who have lost their eyesight. I’m definitely a fan of the podcast but this interview wasn’t my favorite. While T. Reid certainly knew a lot about my work, I got the impression that Dr. Dre hadn’t read the article that I called in to talk about (“Who Got Next? 7 Black Superheroes Who Deserve The ‘Black Panther’ Treatment”). This resulted in a fairly belligerent conversation about a niche aspect of comic book fandom. I still haven’t listened to the recording and I probably won’t (LOL!) but let me know what you think! Grab a sandwich first– the episode is almost an hour long. 2BlindMics is available on iTunes and everywhere that podcasts are hosted. 

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