REVEALED: 2013 Nissan Altima

By SekouWrites

Ready for a sneak peek of the 2013 Nissan Altima? Of course you are. Simply Rides checked it out on a test drive from Nashville to Lynchburg (yeah, yeah, we know), with a stop off in Bell Buckle, TN. Quite the scenic drive. We even found an antiquated gas station along the way (see inset photo). The big deal about the new Altima is gas milage. Touting a pretty incredible 38 MPG, the Altima promises to seduce all you Nissan lovers who long for better fuel economy but aren’t ready to make the leap to a hybrid. Going on sale this July, the Altima, which is Nissan’s top-selling car, will come in two flavors of engine power. Might we humbly suggest you opt for the slightly more expensive V6? The power is vastly superior to the V4 engine and the paddle shifters give it a bit of flair too– you may not use them all the time, but when you do, expect that dude riding shotgun to be impressed. *ahem* Meanwhile, you’ll be impressed by the wide range of features offered on this mid-size sedan. Everything is available for this puppy, from blind spot notification to the ability to have your text messages read aloud while driving. Caveat: We couldn’t get the text message thing to work during our test drive and it doesn’t work with iPhone but, still, it sounds very George Jetson-ish. Oh, and as far as the 38 MPG claim goes, we can’t say [yet]. Our one-day test drive yielded a pretty impressive 29.1 MPG in the V6. That’s a far cry from 38 MPG but, then again, we weren’t exactly driving slow.

V4 starts at $21,000. V6 starts at $25,000.


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