SNAPPED: Carolyn Desalu tames the BWM M6

By Carolyn Desalu

“Va va vroom,” is an ideal way to describe the 2012 MW M6 convertible. Available in U.S. showrooms in just a few short days (June), the new M6 will be ready just in time to kick off a slew of scintillating summer adventures with your bestie or boo (or both).

If you ignore the fact that the M6 can go anywhere fast (top speed is reportedly a mind-blowing 200 mph), you’re welcome to  just cruise– with the top down, of course. The Santa Ynez valley, Sierra Madre mountain range and city of Ojai are my idyllic personal faves for crusin’. I even opened the engine up (just a wee bit) in those there parts. Don’t tell anyone.

Look for details on all the bells, whistles and Bang & Olufsen surround sound speakers (a must have!) in our upcoming review. In the meantime, start stacking gold coins in your coffers; this little big engine is worth it. Plus, after the M6’s two-year hiatus from the roads, it’s bound to sell quickly.

Starts at $113,000

Carolyn Desalu and her new toy

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