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WISH LIST: Ford Escape Flashlight/Lantern

This may sound random, but my favorite part of the Ford Escape adventure was the swag. I mean the Ford Escape was amazing but they didn’t let us take [read…

Escape New York in the Ford Escape

By SekouWrites Escape rooms are all the rage now and, thanks to Ford, I got to experience one in New York. Ford and New York State’s I LOVE NEW [read more…]

Ford Escape stars in a reality show

Yup, the new Ford Escape is getting famous!  Ford has teamed up with NBC and a eight-time Emmy Award-winning reality producer to create “Escape Routes,” [read more…]

Rihanna serenades the Ford Escape

What do Rihanna’s voice, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s tube amp, and Suzanne Vega’s lip smack have in common? Recordings of these sounds were all used to help [read more…]

Ford's Latest Green Machine (Ford Escape)

Drivers of the all-new 2013 Ford Escape (below) may be surprised to find out there is a plant inside the door. As part of its effort to make vehicles [read more…]