The 2016 Toyota Prius is Worth The Hype


Guest post by Brittney M. Walker

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial of the police chase with the Toyota Prius. It’s a funny commercial and kinda piques your curiosity, right? It did for me. So, I got behind the wheel of the latest, greatest, 2016 Toyota Prius.

It’s completely reimagined, cuter and sleeker. It stands up to all the hype. Toyota has completely redesigned the Prius, giving the line a new face, style and personality. Most of the time, on the streets of Los Angeles and San Diego, people would stop me to ask about the car, pausing in awe.

“Wait, is that a Prius?”

“Um yes,” I replied, like it was my own car. In a fiery apple red, the Prius I drove was extra cute. Plus, it’s the pioneer consumer hybrid vehicle, so it’s about time Toyota started looking at the car in a new way, right? 

When the car arrived, I had to sit there and argue with the delivery folks about which car they actually dropped off. Lol! We all laughed about it because Toyota has turned away from the “greenhouse” look as I call it, and moved into the future with a sporty looking hatchback. It looks more aerodynamic, cleaner, the edges are defined and the headlights set the tone for speed. When Toyota released the original Prius, I’m sure someone in those big offices said to the team, “This is the car of the future.” I’m giving them permission to say the 2016 Prius just reimagined the car of the future!

Interior is poppin’ – Prius has the goodies on the inside. From the design to the technology, it really was exciting experiencing this car. I like to get other people into the car to get reactions and hear real opinions. Each time a new person got in the car they said things like, “Oh look at the center area, it’s like a spaceship or something.” But it IS like that. It’s funky and trendy. The car I drove had a pearl white contrasting center console, housing the “joystick” gear selector (I’m calling it that because of the way it snaps back to center after every use). Plus, the dash and nav screen buttons reminded me of the days I used to build spaceships in the garage. Everyone who had the chance to ride with me loved the interior because it was cute and different.

Tech savvy – Toyota seems to be doing a great job with upgrading their technology across the board. In the center console, there is a wireless charging station. Plus, drivers have a USB plug available. Believe it or not, the 2016 Prius has a head up display. Those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s technology that reduces distracted driving by projecting the speed limit and turn by turn navigation at eye level on the inside of the windshield. It’s really great! Usually it’s luxury vehicles that have this feature. On the downside, the car doesn’t have enough USB outlets for passengers. And the navigation is not so great. I got turned around, delayed and lost more than I’d like to admit because of the confusing navigation. Also, I must note that the navigation often took me on the least direct routes available. Quick story. I was in a shopping plaza and punched in an address for a store. The navigation took me out of the plaza, onto the highway and around the corner to take me back to the same shopping plaza. The store was walking distance from where I started. Wamp wamp.

Space in all the wrong places – The Prius is a cute car but it’s not very spacious for back seat passengers. I piled grown ups into the car and most average-sized-women said they were comfortable, but only as long as the front seat passenger was considerate. Average-sized-men felt a bit cramped. The trunk space is where you’ll find the party. If ever you need to sleep in the car, the trunk is a perfect spot. Toyota could use some of the trunk space for more back seat space.

Little Speedy – It’s true. The new Prius has some get-up-and-go. I’m sure you won’t be evading a fleet of police cars, but keeping up with those gas burners on the road is easy. Also, the Prius handles curves, turns and corners really well. It’s a smooth, zippy ride.

Take your gas further – If ever there was a need to go on a high speed chase, the Prius can go for a long time. At fill up, the car estimated over 700 miles before the next fill up. I went 624. Amazing right? At lower speeds and mindful driving, I’m quite confident anyone can achieve that 700 mile mark, which would save you quite a bit on gas money.