SUITE LIFE: The Hutton (Nashville, TN)

If you’re in Nashville, TN book a suite at
The Hutton

By SékouWrites

Luxury may not be what comes to mind when you think of Nashville, but the city is not all about country music anymore.  Right in the heart of downtown on West End Avenue is The Hutton hotel.  Opened in March of last year, The Hutton is a study in elegant minimalism.  Walk into the lobby and you’ll see your check-in staff sitting behind stately desks rather than a counter.  All sorted away?  Walk past the 1808 Grille and the drink station that serves complimentary wine to guests every Friday, and you’ll arrive at the elevator bank.  Only one elevator runs to the penthouse level, so you’ll need to swipe your specially coded room key to summon it.  Once on the penthouse floor, you’ll be blown away by the decor in the hallway and even more so when you open the door to Penthouse East.  It has the best of everything: With massive floor-to-ceiling windows, an ornate chandelier, and more than one thousand feet of lounging space, you’ll swear you’re in a mansion.  The amenities are just too numerous to list.  A few of our faves?  Since it’s a “green” hotel, a slot on the wall holds your room key and powers the lights.  Take your key as you’re leaving to go out, and the lights turn themselves off.  And the shower is unreal.  Touch a button outside the shower stall and five shower heads spring to life at your preset temperature.  Gives the word shower a whole new meaning.

1808 West End Ave. 615.340.9333
$3,500 per/night



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