WEB SERIES: Interior Design With A Twist

Chicago-based artist, textile designer and curator Maya-Camille Broussard has a problem: Getting people who are in need of her interior design services to realize that the art they buy doesn’t need to match the furniture. Broussard discovered this unique challenge when a young couple decided not to purchase a painting from her gallery because it didn’t match their sofa.

Recognizing an opportunity to approach interior design in a new and innovative way, Broussard set about creating The MCB Project, a weekly web series where Broussard decorates an interior space to specifically complement a new piece of fine art.

“Clients often pass up a great piece of art simply because it does not match their furniture,” says Broussard. “I want to help viewers understand that they do not have to give up on a piece just because it doesn’t match their current décor.”

Looks to be an interesting intersection of art and interior design. Visit TheMCBProject.com to watch new episodes every Thursday! Watch the debut episode, right here.


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