Best Body Part: QX’s Advanced Lane Departure

Infiniti QX’s Advanced Lane Departure

If you’ve been keeping up with hip-hop slang you know that “stay in your lane” means to stick to what you do and know best.  Maybe the folks at Infiniti have been paying attention because their innovative Advanced Lane Departure system is designed to do just that—but in a more literal sense.  If the car senses you drifting over the dotted line it will pull you back by applying the brakes on the opposite side of the car.  Sounds dangerous, I know, but I tired it and it was very gentle.  If you have too much momentum you’ll still slide into the next lane, but if you’re just creeping over, as you would be if you had dozed off, it will counterbalance you just enough to get you back on track. Oh, and there’s that loud beeping sound to keep you from doing it again, too. –SekouWrites

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