BROWN BOY MAD, the movie

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Check out the live performance below! Please like, share, and review. A longer version of this film is currently being submitted to film festivals. And feel free to donate to Fisk directly– link below.

An autobiographical play about race, rage, & survival in “post-racial” America. By SekouWrites. In early 2020, a staged reading of my “play” BROWN BOY MAD was performed by the Fisk University Stagecrafters– the drama department at Fisk University. This film shows the first performance which occurred on Wednesday, 2/26/20– the same month and day that Trayvon Martin was killed. 


  • Starring Fisk students: Jeffrey Z. Casey, Chelseai Maree Cunningham, Kiare Keke Green, Meaghan Hall, Kyron McDonald, & Keenya Phillips-Riley
  • “Blessed” was created by Gina Calloway (music, melody, arrangement) and SekouWrites (lyrics). As performed by Chelseai Maree Cunningham with musical accompaniment by Konson Patton


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  • A staged reading is a form of theatre where actors read from the script of a developing play. Used to gauge the effectiveness of the dialogue, pacing, flow, and other dramatic elements that the playwright or director may wish to change. Audience feedback is invaluable so please leave a review
  • A choreopoem is a multifaceted dramatic expression that combines various elements like film, poetry, dance, music, and song. The term was first coined in 1975 by American writer Ntozake Shange in a description of her work, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf


Want to know the history of BROWN BOY MAD? Click here.


10 reviews for BROWN BOY MAD, the movie

  1. Lenora Brown

    It was dope!!! It made me realize how far I was away from my culture growing up in eastern Kentucky. What I wasn’t taught on how to be a strong black woman. The only black people I knew were my family. I wasn’t even taught about black culture outside of our home. Very important-stage play.

  2. H. V. White

    Amazing! I feel honored for having been allowed to view it. Thank you for sharing! Sorry for what you have to endure because of the color of your skin – that in my eyes is so beautiful. I am aware of my white privilege – that I am treated differently because of the luck of the draw; that I don’t have to fear authority because of my white skin; that when I get pulled over by police I don’t have to be afraid of being shot and killed. My heart breaks, knowing the dangers & prejudices with which you are always faced.

  3. G.C.

    Just finished watching So. POWERFUL! I really love the song and the political angle. The pace is just right. It was just enough humor but not so much that it took away from the message. It was light and heavy at the same time. Congrats to you. Awesome!

  4. Letreana Byars

    I knew when I got the invite to BrownBoyMad I knew this is a play I do not want to miss and boy am I glad I did not!!! From the music, the actors, the Little Theatre at Fisk, to the play … pure excellence!!! There was one part that resonated with me well several parts resonated with me!!! One stood out “Hat to the Back” a narrative of the image of being a young black male. Being a mother of three young black males this part took me back to countless days of me reminding my sons of the “Body Vernacular”. I use this word out of its context to get their attention to review the image they are displaying. In short, this is what BrownBoyMad does– it brings attention to the image as they see us with a fun twist of us telling them how we really feel!! Also, the play was interactive to another fun twist that keeps you intertwined in the life of a BrownBoyMad!! Thank You, Sekou!!

  5. N.R.

    Was a pleasure to hear your work again even though it was utterly heartbreaking. It’s sooooo necessary. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your personal pain and truths with us. Looking forward to the full production of this piece. Hopefully, you’ll inspire some other brothas to open up too.

  6. L.M. (verified owner)

    Beautiful, painful, poignant. You weave the stories well, so we see everything in our mind and take the journey with you. And that second piece, short but sweet … Thank you for sharing your work and your heart with us … .

  7. Fantina Carter (verified owner)

    I had the pleasure of attending the play reading of Brown Boy Mad. It takes bravery for a black person to speak to a white society, but Sekou did just that. The atmosphere was lively and his thoughts and words had the audience interacting in their seats and shouting at the stage. I truly enjoyed it and looking forward to attending the actual performance when it comes to the theater. – Supporting Brown Girl

  8. C. Jones (verified owner)

    Sekou Writes I watched!!!!….it was soo great. It puts it all out there on front street. It puts a mega phone on how Black men and Women are treated in a White society!!!.. A MUST SEE!!!!❤

  9. P. McCollin (verified owner)

    I loved this!!!

  10. Fee King

    Sekou is The example of ‘Art Imitating Life’. He’s taken an all to common act of ignorance- fear- hatred and ones Superiority Complex and turned into magic. Bravo!

    I am excited about this production. It’s not only educational and informative; but highly entertaining. And brilliant written.

    Fee King

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