Stories Of Survival and Beyond (Nonfiction)

I was hired to edit Stories of Survival (and Beyond), an anthology of true stories told by people who survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Easily one of the most emotional projects I’ve ever worked on.


After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies (IWES) knew that psychological support would be critical to the emotional recovery of New Orleans. In response, IWES created a communal forum for people who had survived the hurricane and managed to return to New Orleans, post-Katrina. Many of these returning New Orleanians found themselves confronted by a city that did not seem to want them anymore. Despite socioeconomic and gender differences, their descriptions of depression, rage, and confusion about how to get their lives back on track were uncannily similar.
IWES hired me to edit this collection of first-person stories for them. It was one of the most challenging but rewarding assignments of my career.