The Sound of Silk at Midnight

The Sound of Silk at Midnight is a collection of my “erotic” short stories. In each story, I’m attempting to expand the definition of “erotica” by writing about intimacy and love in subtle ways. To me, it’s a series of stories about fantasies and things unseen.


So, I’m an author. I don’t mention it as much as I should but I’m trying to do better about self-promotion. That said … check out my book! It’s a collection of my sensual short stories. Here’s the book jacket write up below. Plus, it’s an ebook so you can have it downloaded to your phone in about 10 seconds! Pick it up on for only $3.99! Link below.


Mixing sensuality, heartache, humor, and the occasional crime of passion, these engaging short stories by SekouWrites explore the many phases of love in a way that will keep readers turning pages well into the night.


The Sound of Silk At Midnight:
10 Sensual Short Stories


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  1. Sharon Pendana

    “To keep the sizzle of summer going through brisk Fall and Winter’s chill, check The Sound of Silk at Midnight, author/editor SékouWrites‘ latest addition to the erotica canon. At his recent Harlem book launch, Sékou teased with a brief performance, just enough to whet the appetites of the crowd, and sold every copy of the collection of subtly sensual short stories. The self-published title is available, however, online.” – Sharon Pendana

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