When Butterflies Kiss (Serial Novel)

I am the editor of When Butterflies Kiss, a serial novel that was written by 10 different writers. We each wrote one chapter of the same, ongoing story without any discussion amongst ourselves. it ended up becoming a story about a man trying to find himself by using the women he loves as a mirror.


Ten writers each contributed a single chapter to this unique novel without discussing the plot. Gradually, the story evolved into a sensitive young man’s reckless journey through love and relationships as he endeavors to better himself– a storyline which was as much a surprise to the writers as it will be to first-time readers. Edited by SékouWrites.


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  1. Vanessa Bush

    This lyrically written novel is the result of collaboration by 10 writers. Their wildly diverse styles ultimately blend in the telling of the lusts, loves, and agonies of a gifted writer, as told by gifted writers. The story intertwines different characters’ viewpoints but is primarily told by Dante, a young black poet earning a living as a social worker. Dante recounts recurring nightmares, a series of uncommitted relationships, the loss of his parents at an early age, and a painful process of self-discovery. His lovers and friends include Sheron, a strip dancer caught in a destructive relationship but conscious that “he owned her with his words”; Treasure, a mysterious woman as much fantasy as actual female; Eva, a fellow writer too earnest for her own good; and Malik, a close friend since boyhood who turns out to be maliciously toxic, concealing resentments beneath concern and comfort. The diverse styles of the collaborators work well as this tortured writer grapples with life, love, and writing. –Vanessa Bush (Booklist)

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