Upgrade You

Upgrage You

Are you ready to upgrade your driveway candy?  These three rides (in three price ranges) should be at the very top of your list.

By SékouWrites


For the Rock Star: Aston Martin DBS

Type: Luxury sports car
Fave feature: Social Networking (see below).

There are few things in this world more impressive than the sight of an Aston Martin rolling down the highway.  The DBS (Yes, Bond’s car) is guaranteed to turn heads, stop traffic, and start conversations with everyone from tollbooth clerks to police officers.  Even if they don’t know what it is, they’ll want to.  And you’ll be all too happy to tell them about the usual luxury amenities, plus a few new ones, like the ignition (a crystal shard you push into the dashboard), the in-dash push-button gearshift, and the pop-up, joystick-operated nav display.  Its most impressive feature, however, is auditory.  Start this puppy up and the world around you rumbles with such force that you’ll swear that thunderclaps are at your beck and call.  Just make sure you’re in the mood to mingle before edging this stylish monster into traffic.

(Starts at $269K; Mpg: 12 city/18 hwy; astonmartin.com


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